Replacement inkjet cartridges for HP 970XL and HP 971XL

inkjet-cartridges-for-hp-970xl-and-hp-971xlNew inkjet cartridges in our offer

We already expanded our offer with new models of inkjet cartridges. We present you inkjet cartridges for use in HP 970XL i HP 971XL. Item numbers:
Inkjet cartridge for 970XL Crni, equivalent to CN625AE - HPIJX970
Inkjet cartridge for 971XL Cyan, equivalent to CN626AE - HPIJXC971
Inkjet cartridge for 971XL Magenta, equivalent to CN627AE - HPIJXM971
Inkjet cartridge for 971XL Yellow, equivalent to CN628AE - HPIJXY971

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