Cleaners and lubes

Liquid powder for wiper blades

Liquid powder’s function is to reduce the friction between OPC Drum and wiper blade. By applying the liquid powder to wiper blade the drum wear is reduced by at least 30%. Also, liquid powder does not allow the wiper blade to stick to the OPC Drum and damage it permanently. Liquid powder is applied with the applicator (which comes included) across the whole lentgh of the previously cleaned wiper blade, to the part that is in direct contact with the OPC Drum. After 15 minutes of drying, the liquid powder becomes powdery and remains fixed at places where it is applied and only then the wiper blade is ready for use. Liquid powder can be used on any type of polyurethane wiper blades.

Before applying the liquid powder to wiper blade, it is necessary to clean it using the wiper blade cleaning fluid. For this purpose we recommend ISOPARC1000.

Packaging: Bottle, 100 ml

Dusting powder for OPC Drums

Powder is used for OPC Drums. It is applied to the OPC Drum along it entire legnth in places where the OPC Drum touches the wiper blade. By applying powder to the drum you prevent the drum damage that occurs by sticking the wiper blade to the OPC Drum itself. It is most important to use the powder during the first OPC Drum installation, or otherwise wiper blade flipping can occur, which can cause paper jam in the printer.

Before applying the powder on already used OPC Drum, it is necessary to remove the toner remains. For this purpose we recommend OPC Drum cleaning and polishing spray.

Packaging: Bottle, 250 gr

Powder in cushion (bag) for OPC Drums

It is intended to prevent sticking the wiper blade to OPC Drum. It is used every time you install the drum. Small powder particles prevent OPC Drum wear and moisture absorption. It is packed in a cushion (bag) and that’s what makes it simple and practical for use.

Packaging: Cushion (bag), 21 g

Liquid for cleaning and polishing primary charge rollers

Electroconductive wax is used to clean the primary charge rollers (PCR’s) and to increase their electrical conductivity. Wax removes toner residue from the PCR and at the same time applies a protective layer on it. It is applied to a cloth that is used for PCR polishing. After a brief polishing, PCR becomes clean and a thin electro-conductive layer if formed that protects the PCR and increases its electro-conductivity.

Packaging: Bottle, 500 ml

OPC Drum cleaning and polishing spray

Spray specially formulated for cleaning and polishing of the OPC Drums. It is used for removing toner residues from already used OPC Drums.

Packaging: Bottle, 250 ml

Liquid for cleaning and polishing of magnetic rollers, wiper and doctor blade

Liquid is intended for degreasing and removing toner residue from magnetic rollers, wiper blades and doctor blades.

Packaging: Bottle, 1l

Fuser film fixing grease

Special grease intended for fuser film fixing.

Packaging: 20 gr

High temperature grease

Water resistant and used for greasing the parts where temperature reaches 250°C.

Do not use on fuser fixing films.

Tag: HTG
Packaging: Tube, 50 ml

High conductivity grease

Contact grease is used on parts where the electrical resistance needs to be reduced, or where the electrical conductivity needs to be increased. Graphite grease is waterproof and it is used in places where the themperatures does not exceed 100°C. Contact grease is most often used in magnetic roller contacts, OPC Drum contacts, as well as on the ends of the PCR shaft.

Tag: HCG
Packaging: Tube, 50 ml

Special plastic grease

Syntetic lubricant designed for lubricating the contact surfaces between plastic parts, as well as contact surfaces between plastic and metal.

Tag: SGP
Packaging: Syringe, 35 ml

Multipurpose plastic grease

Versatile lubricant, resitant to wear and abrasion. Can be used in a temperature range from -40° to 125°C.

Tag: MPG
Packaging: Tube, 50 ml


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